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CAT: kayak and SUp rental

Renting kayaks and Stand Up Paddle in Chiavari
CAT Chiavari Sports Center: kayaking, sailing and enjoying Liguria

At CAT Sports Center, in Chiavari, you can rent kayaks or Stand-Up Paddle boards.
Chiavari is about 15 kms from Portofino and 50 kms from Cinque Terre. Rental is possible only in Chiavari.

One year membership (compulsory): 15 euros
VIP card for free rental of kayaks and SUPs (one-year validity): 85 euros

Rental prices for members without VIP card:
One kayak for a full day: 30 euros (double), 20 euros (single)
One kayak for 3 hours: 15 euros (double), 10 euros (single)
SUP (2 hours): 20 euros

Stand-up-paddle from Chiavari to Zoagli By kayak from Chiavari to Zoagli
By kayak or by Stand Up Paddle, Chiavari and Liguria always offer fantastic days at sea

Rental of kayaks and SUPs is subject to availability and, most importantly, to an evaluation of weather and sea conditions. Kayaking and stand-up paddling are wonderful, relaxing activities, but they require physical and technical skills and some experience: members are responsible of evaluating their skills and the conditions before undertaking these sports at their own risk.

In canoa da Chiavari a Camogli In SUP da Chiavari a Zoagli
Enjoying life by kayak or by Stand Up Paddle

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